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The DuBois, Falls Creek, Sandy Township Joint Transportation Authority, also known as DuFAST, has been an asset to the community since it began operations on July 1, 1974.

Incorporated as a municipal authority and funded in part by federal, state and local dollars, DuFAST has been offering fixed route bus service to area residents for decades.

Although you may not utilize our services, you probably know someone that does. Perhaps an elderly neighbor going to the store, a co-worker riding to and from work, a student attending one of the local colleges or a family member going to a doctor’s appointment. No matter the reason, DuFAST will take you there.

Serving the DuBois area for over 35 years... Celebrate and come ride the bus with us!

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I ride the bus everywhere. The bus is convenient. When you have to transfer onto another bus, the driver makes all the arrangements and I like that.


I am used to public transit because I lived in New York, so I am accustomed to riding the bus. I ride to and from work. The drivers are consistent and never make you wait too long. It's nice to get on the bus that the drivers are always pleasant and courteous.


I enjoy the bus drivers! It is always a pleasant ride to and from work. I could walk to work but carrying groceries home is difficult. I need the bus.


I like riding the bus because all of the drivers are friendly and courteous. I am disabled, and every driver will help me with my walker to get on and off the bus. They make sure I am safe. As a senior citizen, I fell that DuFAST Transit is a bus service that DuBois should be thankful to have servicing the area.


All the bus drivers fo a good job. I take the bus everywhere, I go to the Sandy Plaza, Martins, Wal-Mart, and the DuBois Mall. I really don't know what I would do without it. I am a senior citizen and I don't have a car. If I didn't have the bus I don't know how I would get to hospital for all my appointments.

Mary Jane