DuBois, Falls Creek, Sandy Township
Joint Transportation Authority

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors and staff are a team working to achieve the Authority's mission and goals. The Board's responsibility is that of governance and leadership-setting policy and direction while advancing the mission. The Executive Director and staff are responsible for managing the administrative efforts. Together, their actions add value and protect the authority.

The bus operators are directly responsible for delivering quality service to the community. They are a frontline staff who is supported by maintenance personnel, an administrative staff and Board of Directors.

Members of the DuFAST Transit Board of Directors

Representing City of DuBois
Susan Ford Term expires January 2018
Charles "Chuck" Allen Term expires January 2020
John Yargar Term expires January 2021
Representing Falls Creek Borough
Denise Katchmarchi Term expires January 2021
Lenny Larkin Term expires January 2019
Representing Sandy Township
Jack Amick Term expires January 2021
Dick Castonguay Term expires January 2020

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