DuBois, Falls Creek, Sandy Township
Joint Transportation Authority


We at DuFAST Transit are dedicated to improving the quality of life within our community by providing safe, courteous and reliable public transportation services.


DuFAST Transit will be recognized as a valued leader in providing mobility to our community.


Safety: Special attention and effort will always focus on the safety and security of our passengers, employees and community.

Quality Service: We will provide service that is of the highest quality. Service will be delivered in a safe and reliable manner to all members of our community by professional bus operators in clean and well maintained vehicles. Professionalism will be exercised by both the bus operators and staff. We value every individual by treating them with dignity and respect.

Stewardship: We recognize that we must protect the public’s investment through serious and pro-active accountability. We will be honest in all activities involving DuFAST Transit.

Team Environment: Anyone with a vested interest in DuFAST Transit will work in an environment in which they are valued and treated fairly. They will be kept well informed and encouraged to share their ideas.

Positive Image: All will present a positive and professional image when representing DuFAST Transit to customers and the community.

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